Minnehaha Falls

Most of you (does anyone still read these?) probably thought we only blogged about beer and hiking, but Minnesota has had us changing our tune. Instead of blogging about those two things we’ve blogged about…nothing. We’ve seriously neglected this poor blog and it’s become our own red headed stepchild.

Nevertheless, we’re here to tell you a little about Minnehaha Falls. A couple of weeks ago we decided to get out of our pj’s before noon and walk around Minnehaha Falls to Lake Hiawatha. It was a sunny, crisp fall day – perfect to be out exploring. We got to the falls along with apparently everyone else in Minneapolis. Having seen our fair share of waterfalls this year in Hawai’i and Oregon we weren’t overly impressed, so we spent most of our time walking the Grand Rounds. The leaves were changing and we just enjoyed our time leisurely walking along Minnehaha Creek and letting Snickers play in the water.

Minnehaha Falls


One really cool thing about Minneapolis is that 95% of residences are within a 10 minute walk or 1/2 mile of a park, so pretty much everywhere you turn there’s another park. And the best part is it’s not just a playground on some grass, it’s actual lakes and wooded areas. The Grand Rounds is a 50 mile parkway system around the city of Minneapolis that encompasses natural features of the area: creeks, lakes, woodlands, wetlands, etc. And it has quickly become one of our favorite features of the city.

It was a great way to spend a (cold) fall afternoon!

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