Monthly Food + Beer Pairing – August 2016

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[laziest food+beer ever… Beer+Beer -Matt]

So…we kind of phoned it in for August, which is a shame because it was such an easy pairing.

August’s pairing was watermelon and wheat beer. Totally easy, right?! We got really busy in August with the honeymoon and moving that we just found ourselves out of time, and by the time we finally got around to it watermelon was already out of season.

For this we ended up doing a beer and beer pairing, which ended up not being all that bad. We had some leftover beers from our wedding that ended perfectly fitting the bill. Our “watermelon” was New Belgium’s Heavy Melon – a watermelon lime ale that was crisp and refreshing. We followed this up with New Belgium’s Mothership Wit, which was spicy and crisp.

Aug 2016 Food + Beer [Beer+Beer]