Javelina Jundred 2022 live updates

Welcome to the big show! The Javelina Jundred. This is 100 miles of ultramarathon trail running party in the desert at McDowell Mountain Regional Park north of Fountain Hills, Arizona. The 5-loop course features moderate elevation gain.

I will be live capturing our run-up to and event to update all those following along!

Race is complete!

  • Race Results (Beth is bib # 397) – go to Results > Split Times 100M near the bottom
  • Live stream – start/finish line from the race organizers

Race Day

2022-10-30, 0349 – it is done. After 5 loops, 2 in complete darkness, the finish time was 21-hours and 49-minutes!

2022-10-29, 2230 – time for me to gear up! Beth is almost on the last lap. Its as dark as it gets.

2022-10-29, 1850 – beth just left for lap 4 at 61.7 mi and is back on pace! Next lap I join her as she paces me I pace her to 100! And its a party here.

2022-10-29, 1800 – the jackass 31k night run just started. What a sight!

2022-10-29, 1630 – Beth just hit 50 miles in 10.5 hours!! That’s just under pace. She lost some time due to a run in with a cactus and medic visit, but she’s back on.

2022-10-29, 1420 – beth is on pace, done with Lap 2, thats 41 miles!! Updates are slow due to congested network.

2022-10-29, 1310 – I will be pacing beth from mile 80-100, the last loop!! I should start running sometime around midnight.

So, what do I do while I’m waiting? 1) crewing, my first responsibility is to make sure the table is set to fuel up and refill water! 2) I also get to interact with the other pacers and crews! I played giant pong and lost, but got all kinds of swag out of the deal

2022-10-29, 1120 – camp photos. Unleashed dinos, where’s Waldo, and acid wash jeans ARE ultrarunning gear.

2022-10-29, 1020 – on pace after lap 1 and doing great!

2022-10-29, 0600 – it’s headlamp city at the start line as the sun comes up!

Estimated timing

2022-10-28, 1300 – based on Beth’s pace for the Latest Not Fastest 2022 she should be able to maintain a 12-minute per mile pace at least through 80 miles. Here is the expected breakdown for each of the 5 loops:

Distance (miles)
Start/finish line
Estimated Total Time (hours:min) @ 12 min/mile
+ 15-min for aid stations
Estimated Time of Day
(+3-h for EDT)
0 (start)0:000600 PDT Sat
22.34-h 28-min1028 PDT Sat
41.88-h 36-min1436 PDT Sat
61.212-h 44-min1844 PDT Sat
80.716-h 54-min2254 PDT Sat
100.1 (finish!)21-h 1-min0301 PDT Sunday

These times are when you should watch the Live stream to see Beth!


2022-10-28, 1600 – the race expo and race info session is making it feel real! There will be five laps through here tomorrow.

2022-10-28, 1100 – race day weather high 78, low 52 with a light breeze. That might be as good as it gets out there!

2022-10-28, 0900 – saguaro cacti are unmistakably unique! These things are also _old_ when they are big. It can take them 75-100 years to grow their first arm. I found a spot where you can see the progression of growth, from the 1 meter tall 15 year old cactus in the front to the potentially 150 year old monster in the back of the photo. Beth will be dodging around these all day tomorrow.

2022-10-27, 2100 – astrophotography of the night sky with a saguaro cactus in the foreground. The bright line might be a satellite that reflected the sun! Fountain hills dark sky association.

2022-10-27, 1600 – What is a javelina?? Apparently it is a peccary (a New World pig) found in Southwest North America, among other places. Maybe we’ll see a live one out in the Park?

2022-10-27, 1030 – This time on Saturday Beth should be done with 20 of 100 miles. Track her at Javelina Jundred. (Beth is out on a quick 3-mile run testing out the course, so she’s not in this pic!)