Next Stop: Austin

Our two months in Minneapolis came and went in the blink of an eye and now we’re en route to Austin to round out the year. We loved getting to see the leaves change and spend some time with family, but I can’t say we’re sad to leave the ever-dropping temperatures. Now, onto the land of chili, barbecue, and lax gun laws!

Austin Evening

Minnehaha Falls

Most of you (does anyone still read these?) probably thought we only blogged about beer and hiking, but Minnesota has had us changing our tune. Instead of blogging about those two things we’ve blogged about…nothing. We’ve seriously neglected this poor blog and it’s become our own red headed stepchild.

Nevertheless, we’re here to tell you a little about Minnehaha Falls. A couple of weeks ago we decided to get out of our pj’s before noon and walk around Minnehaha Falls to Lake Hiawatha. It was a sunny, crisp fall day – perfect to be out exploring. We got to the falls along with apparently everyone else in Minneapolis. Having seen our fair share of waterfalls this year in Hawai’i and Oregon we weren’t overly impressed, so we spent most of our time walking the Grand Rounds. The leaves were changing and we just enjoyed our time leisurely walking along Minnehaha Creek and letting Snickers play in the water.

Minnehaha Falls


One really cool thing about Minneapolis is that 95% of residences are within a 10 minute walk or 1/2 mile of a park, so pretty much everywhere you turn there’s another park. And the best part is it’s not just a playground on some grass, it’s actual lakes and wooded areas. The Grand Rounds is a 50 mile parkway system around the city of Minneapolis that encompasses natural features of the area: creeks, lakes, woodlands, wetlands, etc. And it has quickly become one of our favorite features of the city.

It was a great way to spend a (cold) fall afternoon!

Monthly Food + Beer Pairing – August 2016

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[laziest food+beer ever… Beer+Beer -Matt]

So…we kind of phoned it in for August, which is a shame because it was such an easy pairing.

August’s pairing was watermelon and wheat beer. Totally easy, right?! We got really busy in August with the honeymoon and moving that we just found ourselves out of time, and by the time we finally got around to it watermelon was already out of season.

For this we ended up doing a beer and beer pairing, which ended up not being all that bad. We had some leftover beers from our wedding that ended perfectly fitting the bill. Our “watermelon” was New Belgium’s Heavy Melon – a watermelon lime ale that was crisp and refreshing. We followed this up with New Belgium’s Mothership Wit, which was spicy and crisp.

Aug 2016 Food + Beer [Beer+Beer]

Minneapolis so far

Well, we’re over halfway finished with our time in Minneapolis. It’s felt extremely busy and has flown by. Minneapolis was a spur of the moment decision during one too many drinks on our honeymoon, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much we’re enjoying it here.

The weather started out warm and humid, but it quickly cooled off and we’ve been enjoying an extended fall – something you don’t really get in Kentucky. And, since we’re relatively close to Matt’s side of the family, we’ve been able to spend a couple of weekends with them. We haven’t gotten to many breweries or out on as many hikes as we did in Denver and Portland, which is likely do to just being busy and getting tired. In the 5 weeks we’ve been here, we spend 2 weekends in Thorp and 1 in Louisville so we really haven’t had as much time in the city as you’d think.

Aerial view of the courtyard from our apartment
Matt and Snickers play in the Mississippi River

We really like the amount of parks and lakes in the city – in fact, they designed Minneapolis so that practically no house is more than 5 blocks from a park. Pretty cool! The food scene has also blown us away. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many really good restaurants there are around us….and how the ethnic food is actually spiced well. We had a difficult time finding good food in Denver so we’re definitely indulging.

Loring Park fountain at night

We were able to make it to the Minnesota State Fair our first week here, which was a lot of fun and really different than the Kentucky State Fair. It’s the second largest attended fair in the country, behind Texas which runs for twice as long. We ate our weight in cheese and dairy and drank more than our fair share of beers. They had some great local brews from places like Surly and Fulton. Beth’s favorite part was the Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter sculptures and Matt’s was the All You Can Drink Milk booth. Unfortunately we didn’t get to partake in the milk since it was last call by the time we found it (yes, they had a “last call” on milk).

Minnesota State Fair


Butter sculptures
Cheese haul from La Granders

Some things we’re liking:

  • Loring Park – just a block from our apartment and really nice to walk around during the day
  • Theodore Wirth Park – we’ve done quite a few trail runs here
  • Fulton Brewery
  • Lotus Restaurant
  • Yoga Sol – donation based yoga; great to have an affordable option after Denver where nothing was affordable
  • Spyhouse Coffee – really good roaster in Uptown
  • Chain of Lakes
  • Walking along the Mighty Mississip

Overall, we’re really liking our time up North. We’ve only got three weeks until we head down South for the winter, so we’ve got to squeeze in a lot more activities and beer.

Rainy evening walk