Monthly Food + Beer Pairing – June 2016

Beth and I have been doing a monthly monthly food and beer pairing for a year and a half now.  The pairing is suggested from an Etsy calendar that really has no authority on beer or food, but it is fun and delicious to try it out!

June 2016 is Saison + Picnic.  We choose to interpret this as a charcuterie plate with cheese pairing!  We are experienced in consuming this topic (can’t turn down a good meat and cheese plate!), and like to experiment with a variety of meat and cheese styles and flavors.  This one is composed of the following, in no particular order:

  • Crooked Stave, Vieille Artisanal Saison, Colorado
  • Trinity Brewing Company, Mr. Saison, Colorado
  • Olli Molisana Pepper+Garlic Salame
  • Creminelli Barolo Red Wine Salame
  • La Quercia NDuija Spicy Prosciutto Spread
  • Fontina Fontal, Italy
  • Taleggio, France
  • Cambozola Triple Cream Blue cheese, Germany
  • Apricot Preserves
June 2016, Saison + Picnic

We are not experts at arranging these plates, but we followed a few ideas:

  1. Include a range and variety of cheese milk types, flavors and textures- we included the soft taleggio, resilient fontina, and sharp blue.  The taleggio was a bit earthy, the fontina a delicious mild cheddar flavor, and the blue very sharp and funky.
  2. Choose a variety of meats- we stuck with some classics salamis that were spicy (Olli) and tangy (Crminelli) and also wanted to try something different (Prosciutto spread).  Both the salamis were as expected, but the spread I would pass on- a strong cayenne flavor that overpowered it.
  3. Include a sweet jam or jelly with it- we chose the Apricot Preserves since we had used it in a Ham+Chevre sandwhich earlier in the week. 😉

Bottom’s up!

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