Loveland Basin May Skiing

Nothing better than the skiing/snowboarding in Colorado, right??  We did this on our first weekend in Denver.  Even though it was the end of the ski season for Loveland Basin, there was still so much snow to be had with over 90% of the runs open.  Check out my Garmin tracks below and enjoy the pics.

The weather was a sunny low- to mid- 40’s at the beginning of the day, but 2 hours in to the fun the lightning and thunder started and slowly one-by-one the higher ski lifts began to close, so we made a frantic run to the highest ones while we could.  When the front finally washed over us the bottom dropped out- the temps dropped about 10 degrees and a hard, driven hail pelted us as we were going up the ski lift.  It was bad enough to drive us into the mountain top chalet with about 2 dozen other folks.  We proceeded with a few more runs about 15 minutes later when the worst was over.

We scarfed down some extra-loaded chili dogs back at the base.  It was such a fun, cheap ski trip!