One month in Portland

We did it! We made it through another month (and 2 weeks, time is flying!). I must say, although this month certainly had its challenges, it was a million times easier than January. We’re still settling in and exploring the city (so much to do!) but so far we’re loving it.

Portland theater
The city at night, right outside our apartment

The two biggest differences between January and February were: 1.) Matt started his job, and 2.) we didn’t have to pack up and move weekly. For those of you who aren’t aware, Matt is working with a consulting company now and travels for work 4 days a week. We decided to be stationary for a few months so that he can still experience the area on the weekends and because, quite frankly, packing up our lives and a dog by myself sounds like a nightmare. As with any big change, there’ve been growing pains but we’re slowly figuring things out.

So…Portland. We rented an apartment right in the heart of downtown. We are a stone’s throw from pretty much everything. We’re walking distance to the Willamette River, Pearl and Alphabet Districts, and a quick drive or bus ride across the river to all the breweries.

There’s been a lot of this:

Hamilton Mountain Trail at Beacon Rock Park, WA

A little lot of this (but, hey, we’re averaging 7 miles of walking a day so it evens out 🙂 )

And even more of this:

Snickers at Base Camp
Drinking buddy


We’re excited to see what else we can get into these next two months (already have a trip to Seattle, a MLS game. and some big hikes planned). Stay tuned!

Oh, and there’s also been a little of this, because when you’re home alone with a dog for half the week you have to entertain yourself:


One thought on “One month in Portland

  1. Glad Portland is suiting you well and keeping you entertained while Matt is in TPK. We + Bacons have decided to meet you and Matt in STL. You must sneak on flight with him. Tell us about Seattle!


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